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Swinburne Professional

The smarts of a university. The agility of a consultancy.

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Swinburne Professional

The smarts of a university. The agility of a consultancy.

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Swinburne Professional

The smarts of a university. The agility of a consultancy.

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"Swinburne Professional is one of Australia’s leading professional education providers. A division of 澳洲选五历史开奖记录 of Technology, we created a flexible, practical and agile way for professionals to learn. With short courses, qualifications, diplomas and certificates through to providing pathways towards masters' degrees, Swinburne Professional is here to deliver."

Rob Chetwynd

Learn with Swinburne Professional

No doubt about it, we offer courses and qualifications that sound familiar. We have a rigorous approach to creating solid learning outcomes for the people who choose Swinburne Professional. But we’re different. We are the only credible provider that offers Fast-Tracks, flexible and outcome-based learning for professionals.

Our courses

Our diverse range of short courses, certificates, diplomas, and postgraduate courses are designed for the modern workforce. Every day, participants enjoy flexible learning options such as online delivery, weekend classes, block delivery and blended learning. Our courses are built to fit, regardless of the schedule.

Partner with us

Swinburne Professional is a true learning partner. We offer the quality, credibility and scale that comes with our agile division of 澳洲选五历史开奖记录 . Customised learning, flexible delivery and practical learning methods are at your fingertips. Couples with expert facilitators, we’re the learning partner of choice.

Brochure cover for Swinburne professional training catalogue.

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Swinburne Professional is more than just a training provider. We work hand in hand with 澳洲选五历史开奖记录 to leverage the best models, research and processes to deliver learning that sticks, and successfully evolves workforces for the future. Our comprehensive Training Catalogue provides an outline of the breadth of our learning offer, including short courses, and through to Graduate Certificates.

Download Training Catalogue
Meet Swinburne Professional

Swinburne Professional can help your organisation solve business challenges or develop the capabilities of your staff. Our professional development programs cover a wide range of skills and can be tailored to meet your organisation's needs.