Swinburne Online Ethics Review Management System

Swinburne Research uses ERM (Ethics Review Manager) as its online ethics application and review system. This platform allows easy submission, review and management of your human ethics, animal ethics and biosafety applications in one comprehensive place, online.

This ethics review management platform is in use at universities and hospitals across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland and has been specifically tailored for ethics application submission and management here at Swinburne.

Important information

The new system includes the following forms:

  • Human research ethics application form (standard, HREA (clinical trials) and expedited review)
  • Animal ethics application form
  • Biosafety application form
  • Human research ethics modification form
  • Human research ethics Annual/Final Report form
  • Human research ethics Adverse Event/Incident report form

Projects that were migrated from the previous system will only contain minimal information and are only accessible in ERM to the Chief Investigator.  If other approved research personnel listed on the application require access to the project on-line, the CI must share the application with those personnel before it will become visible to them.  Instructions for sharing applications in ERM are available in the User Guide (available below).

Please see below under ‘Additional Information’ for a video demonstration of ERM and otherresources.

If you have any feedback on ERM, please email the Swinburne Research Ethics Office at resethics@swin.edu.au or contact us on 9214 8145 or 9215 3845.

If you missed one of our many demos see below for a recording and resources below.

Additional information

  • Demonstration of Swinburne ERM